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COLLEGE LEADERSHIP 2021-22 APPLICATIONS! We are so excited to officially open applications for College Leadership for the 2021-22 school year!       COLLEGE LEADERSHIP is an opportunity for you, as college students, to serve our church together, to grow as followers of Jesus together, and to lead others as you develop as leaders together! […]

T.R.U.E. FRIENDS- Part 3

“The One With The Three” – Clay Everett        Nobody likes to be lonely, yet many of us find ourselves surrounded by people and at the same time feeling all alone. The truth is the opposite of loneliness isn’t knowing a lot of people, but rather being known by a few. Everyone doesn’t need […]

T.R.U.E. FRIENDS- Part 2

“The One Where Friendship Gets Difficult” – Clay Everett         We all want good friends, but the reality is that if you have good friends, there will be times when those friendships get difficult! Inevitably a friend will hurt you. They will say something or do something that causes you to question your […]

T.R.U.E. FRIENDS- Part 1

“The One With The Perfect Friendship” – Clay Everett         We all want friends- yet it seems like few of us have the friends we want! For some of us, that’s because we hold our friends to such a high standard that no one ever meets our expectations. We make friendship impossible when […]

Why Am I Here?

“Why Am I Here?” – Miles Fidell         Why are you here? Your “why” will drive your life more than anything else! If that’s true, then that is a question worth answering. And it’s worth making sure that your “why” really matters! For many of us, our “why” is one of three things. […]

Your Will Be Done: As In Heaven

“Your Will Be Done: As In Heaven” – Clay Everett     As followers of Jesus, our highest aim is to become more like Jesus! The question then is this: “is it obvious to others that we are Jesus followers simply by the way we live?” If we’re honest- the answer is often no. And yet […]

Your Kingdom Come: As In Heaven

“Your Kingdom Come” – Clay Everett       Prayer is powerful! Yet prayer can often feel like duty, or dry, or disconnected from our lives. Thankfully, some of the most famous words of Jesus are Him teaching us to pray- in what we know as the Lord’s Prayer. In this short prayer Jesus invites us […]

God Came Near: Jesus’ Humility

GOD CAME NEAR- Jesus’ Humility (To go along with this advent devotional, we’ve also made a Spotify playlist! Check it out here.) “But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.’” –  Luke 2:10       Good News. That’s […]

God Came Near: Jesus’ Healing

GOD CAME NEAR- Jesus’ Healing (To go along with this advent devotional, we’ve also made a Spotify playlist! Check it out here.)       When’s the last time you fell and scraped your knee? As kids, it seems like we were constantly getting hurt. Bumps and bruises were a common occurrence, yet we were […]

God Came Near: Jesus’ Humanity

GOD CAME NEAR- Jesus’ Humanity (To go along with this advent devotional, we’ve also made a Spotify playlist! Check it out here.)       It’s no secret, this year has been like no other! For some of us, this year has been a dry and desolate season. Some of us have experienced grief and […]