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A Story Of Restoration

“A Story Of Restoration” – Clay Everett       This week is one of the most significant weeks of the entire year for followers of Jesus. This week is Holy Week, or Easter Week. Because of that, today we want to tell a story- the Easter Story- like maybe you’ve never heard it before. A […]


COLLEGE LEADERSHIP 2020-21 APPLICATIONS! We are so excited to officially open applications for College Leadership 2020-21!       COLLEGE LEADERSHIP is an opportunity for you, as college students, to serve our church together, to grow as followers of Jesus together, and to lead others as you develop as leaders together! This opportunity is not […]

Fully Equipped

“Fully Equipped” – Clay Everett Feeling ill-equipped or unprepared is a massive fear for many of us. And in the chaos of the past few weeks, there is a good chance that you feel like you aren’t adequately prepared for this season. But you can rest assured that whatever God calls you to, He will equip you […]

Exchanging Anxiety

“Exchanging Anxiety” – Clay Everett Tuesday nights with Overflow are back! We tried to have our first Overflow Insta-Gathering, but due to technical difficulties, here we are. 😅 Today Clay is bringing us a short message  on Philippians 4, Kalee & Hunter are leading us in a time of worship, and afterwards, we’ll have some questions for […]

Broken Crayons Still Color

“Broken Crayons Still Color” – Toni Collier   This week we got to introduce Overflow to our new friend Toni Collier! Toni is a host, a speaker, a consultant, a wife, a mom… she is wild and so much fun, but most importantly, she loves Jesus. This past Tuesday, Toni shared a powerful message on brokenness. No one […]

First Comes Love- Sexual Trauma

“Sexual Trauma: Hope & Healing” – Clay Everett & Crystal Sutherland This week we concluded our relationship series called “First Comes Love” with an important conversation around the reality and effects of sexual abuse. Research tells us that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have experienced some form of sexual violence in their […]

First Comes Love- Friendship

“Friendship: “Prerequisite of Pals” – Clay Everett   Friendships are foundational and they are powerful- but they are not easy! In our world today we are more “connected” than ever before, yet the truth is many of us feel more lonely and isolated than ever before. It can be so easy to have lots of shallow and […]

First Comes Love- Sex

“Sex: ” Purpose of Passion” – Clay Everett   We live in a hyper-sexualized culture. Sex is everywhere. From marketers using sex to sell everything, to porn being a tap or click away at any moment. The reality is that very few of us come through unscathed, most of us have experienced sexual brokenness and carry […]

First Comes Love- Marriage

Marriage: “Power of Promise” – Clay Everett   In our world today, only half of all marriages last. Sadly, marriage has become a 50/50 proposition- a coin toss! So either marriage itself is broken or the way we think of marriage is out of balance. When the world says that marriage is simply about romance, or […]

First Comes Love- Dating

Dating: “Pressure of Impression” – Clay Everett   The problem with dating is that dating has to start somewhere. It doesn’t just happen. And let’s just be real- that comes with a certain amount of pressure. Pressure to impress, pressure to wow, and if you’re watching The Bachelor every week then pressure to compete and to […]