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Devin’s Baptism Story

This past semester, we got to celebrate Devin’s baptism! When she told us her story, she said, “I struggled with not feeling good enough… I didn’t feel full and I felt a void in my life so I was just going through the motions.” Many of us struggle to feel like we have to be […]

Night Of Worship – November 2018

Night Of Worship         We wrapped our 2017 Fall Semester with an amazing Night of Worship. We sang loud, celebrated a baptism, and were pointed to Christ our Savior through it all! See you next year for what we are believing will be another great semester at Overflow!

Friendsgiving 2017

Friendsgiving 2017         This year we wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving in a really special way… So we gathered for a home cooked meal from some incredible volunteers in our church. After enjoying a meal together, we shared a time to pause and reflect on the things we are thankful for. That overflowed into […]

Julianne’s Baptism Story

A few weeks away we got to celebrate Julianne’s baptism! “In times when I think about my Dad, I think of what God promises me and the truth that He gives me- that regardless of whether I have a dad on earth I still have a Heavenly Father. Ever since my dad passed away there has […]

Create The Future

Create The Future – Miles Fidell         Most of us struggle to know exactly what God has for us in the future. But here is the thing… when you are consumed with what will happen in the future, you compromise what God can do in the here and now. We need to remember that […]

Mysterious Things – Chapter 3

Mysterious Things – Chapter 3         As Christians we may wish that all temptation would just go away, but that’s not reality. The Bible tells us that the devil is real. It tells us that the devil is our enemy. It tells us that the devil tempted Jesus over and over again in […]

Mysterious Things – Chapter 2

Mysterious Things – Chapter 2         What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about heaven? Truth is most of us don’t really have a framework for thinking about heaven. Or maybe you aren’t even sure if heaven is real, but if heaven is then we should […]

Ginny’s Baptism Story

A few weeks away we got to celebrate Ginny’s baptism! “I completely let go of a lot of bitterness that I held. I have completely forgiven my dad. And that is not something I could have ever done with out Christ. And that is not something I ever expected my self to be able to do. […]

Truth Needs A Guide

“Truth Needs A Guide” – Joey Todd         It may seem like the more you seek to know God, the more closely you investigate the things of God, the more extraordinary mysteries you uncover! In your search for answers, you may feel like you are only left with more questions. In truth, God and […]

The 20/20 Experience

“The 20/20 Experience” – Samer Massad         We all have a lens through which we see the world, people, relationships, money, time, success, tragedy, school, purpose… everything.  Every decision you make, every priority you set, even every dollar you spend is preceded by a particular view of things. So what is the lens through […]