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Free To Rest

“Free To Rest” – Clay Everett         Because of Jesus, we have been given freedom, but what do we do with our freedom? In Galatians chapter 5, Paul urges us to stand firm in our freedom. Why? Because there will be opposition to the freedom that Jesus has purchased for us. But standing firm […]

Free To Fight

“Free To Fight” – Brad Jones         For freedom Jesus has set you free, but there are still battles to fight. And in the fight against sin there may be not greater struggle then that of comparison. When we measure ourselves up  against everyone else we allow insecurity and insignificance to hold us […]

Free To Love

“Free To Love” – Clay Everett          There is a massive difference between having freedom and being free! The truth is Jesus has set us free. The question is are we actually living like it’s true? In this first week of the series “Free Indeed” we looked at the truth that Jesus has set […]

The Lens Of Grace

“Through The Lens Of Grace” – Mike Ashcraft           When faced with the reality of our sin, we often attempt to rationalize or justify. Grace however, allows us to stop hiding our struggles and instead, expose them, in order that we might see that God really can be trusted to fill the […]

You Belong

“You Belong” – Clay Everett Each and every one of us desire to belong somewhere. But there is only one place where that desire can be fully met, and it is found in the beauty and power of the gospel. The fact that God went to great lengths and paid a great price for you to be […]

Overflow Fall Kickoff 2017

Overflow Fall Kickoff – Joey Todd This week, Joey Todd helped us start off our semester with an incredible charge to share Jesus with those around us. Our prayer is that we all take this message to heart this year. So pull out your journal and take notes!

Overflow Interns!

  The Overflow Staff are excited to be forming an official Overflow Internship Team this fall!!!  UPDATE: We’ve been blown away by how many students have already applied. That means if you are interested, you need to act fast. We will be making your final decision for our Internship Team by August 1st! We are currently […]

SEND 20 – Recap

This semester we wanted to make an impact in our world through our partnership with a seminary in Guatemala, called SETECA. So we made a goal to provide 20 scholarships for students to afford Seminary training in order to be equipped and sent out to impact the world! This goal had us both excited and nervous. We feared […]

Guatemala 2017

Every Spring Break we send a team of college students to a seminary we partner with in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Each year we have an incredible experience learning more about our team, about Guatemalan culture, and what God is doing in Central America through our ministry partners and- in affect- all over the world! This […]

Senior Video 2017

  We have had the pleasure of doing ministry with some incredible people over the past 4 years. In honor of some of these students graduating last week, we wanted to share a video that we showed on Senior Night at Overflow. Check out the video above to hear some amazing advice and wisdom that […]