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Guatemala 2017

Every Spring Break we send a team of college students to a seminary we partner with in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Each year we have an incredible experience learning more about our team, about Guatemalan culture, and what God is doing in Central America through our ministry partners and- in affect- all over the world! This […]

Senior Video 2017

  We have had the pleasure of doing ministry with some incredible people over the past 4 years. In honor of some of these students graduating last week, we wanted to share a video that we showed on Senior Night at Overflow. Check out the video above to hear some amazing advice and wisdom that […]

Kenneth’s Baptism Story

On Senior Night at Overflow, we got to hear Kenneth’s story and celebrate in his baptism! “It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college that I took a step back and reevaluated everything. I started turning away from my earthly desires and started diving into the Word and that is because a friend of mine invited me […]

Worship Night 2017

Worship Night 2017 God is worthy of all our worship! So we thought why not wrap the 2016-2017 school year at Overflow with a night of worship! We sung our lungs out to God, we celebrated the work of God in the lives of Taylor and Hannah through baptism, and we were challenged to worship […]

PSALMS- Part 4

“My Redemption” – Chad Brewer God wants all of your story, to redeem and rescue every part. He wants you to surrender all of your life and get real with Him. That’s what David’s prayer in Psalm 51 reveals to us. God wants your broken and contrite heart. The question is will you give him all […]

PSALMS- Part 3

“My Shepherd” – Kalee Stikeleather When David wrote a psalm he wrote out of what he knew, what he saw around him. In Psalm 23 he puts words to what he knew from his job as a shepherd and what he knew from his own life. He knew that sheep tend to wander, to be restless, […]

PSALMS- Part 2

“My Redeemer” – Duane Mixon The Psalms are not super-spiritual poems, but rather they are real, raw, and sometimes broken prayers and praises to God. The Psalms are important because the give us language for prayer and worship, they connect our stories with saints who have come before us, and they beautifully reveal God’s redemption story. This […]

PSALMS- Part 1

“My Delight” – Aaron Keyes The Psalms are not super-spiritual poems, but rather they are real, raw, and sometimes broken prayers and praises to God. And the Psalms show us that these are the kind of prayers and praises that God desires. In the first week of our series through the Psalms, Aaron Keyes invited us […]

“Full & Free”- Finding Rest

“Finding Rest” – Clay Everett Though God may not take away your anxiety or completely remove your struggle with depression, He does offer you rest in the midst of the struggle! God promises to walk beside us through even our most difficult challenges with mental health! And its not about finding a solution… it’s about engaging […]

“Full & Free”- Taking Thoughts Captive

“Taking Thoughts Captive” – Mike Ashcraft Are you really just at the mercy of whatever thought pops in your mind? We need to do a serious gut check on what we let in our minds! And we must learn to grab every thought, holding it up in order to see it in light of who […]