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We are so excited to officially open applications for College Leadership 2020-21!

      COLLEGE LEADERSHIP is an opportunity for you, as college students, to serve our church together, to grow as followers of Jesus together, and to lead others as you develop as leaders together! This opportunity is not for everyone. We are looking for students currently attending college who are highly motivated, hard working, and spiritually hungry. College Leadership will require a significant amount of your time and effort, but we believe it will also make a significant impact on your life and in your personal leadership journey.

      While many of us feel ill-equipped or under qualified to step into leadership, remember this: God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called! If you are a follower of Jesus who wants to grow in your walk and serve others, we believe you are qualified. So don’t stop here, keep reading!

      We know that the Overflow Intern Team and Community Groups are great places for college students to lead, but we also have many more leadership opportunities through our church- opportunities that may even be a better fit for you! So this year we are introducing more opportunities for more of you to serve, grow, and lead together as college students. Below we have more information about the opportunities that are open to you for next school year!

College Leadership has two tracks: INTERNSHIPS & GROUP LEADERSHIP.

(The ideal commitment for both is the entire 2020-21 school year.)


  • Internships are a chance to be a part of a team of interns that serve within a particular ministry of our church. The goal of these internship teams are to be extensions of the staff and champions of the ministry! This year we have several new Internship opportunities that we are really excited about. Internship opportunities for 2020-21 include internships in Children’s Ministries, Middle & High School Ministries, and Overflow. As well as internships with our Port City Production Team- which serves the different ministries of our church including Overflow and Sunday Gatherings, and our Port City Welcome & Connect Team- which is similar to Overflow’s Host Team but for our Sunday gatherings.
  • All internships are unpaid and require approximately 10 to 15 hours a week. Internships require time commitments during day time hours which could conflict with your class schedule or other commitments.
  • It is vitally important that if you are invited into one of these Internships that you prioritize the time commitments in your weekly schedule.

Here some of the specific time commitments for the Internships:

-Children’s Ministry Internships: Sunday mornings (attending one service) & Wednesdays 3:00-5:00pm

-Middle School Internships: Wednesdays 3:30-9:30pm

-High School Internships: Sundays 3:30-9:30pm

-Overflow Internships: Tuesdays 3:30-9:30pm & Thursdays 3:30-5:30pm

-Production Internship: Mondays 3:30-5:30pm 

-Welcome & Connect Internship: Sunday mornings (attending one service)  & Wednesdays 3:00-5:00pm 


  • Group Leadership is an opportunity to lead students in their walks with God through small groups and community groups. Opportunities include leading students from elementary school, all the way up to college. 
  • All group leaders are unpaid and require roughly 5 to 10 hours a week, primarily one night a week leading your group and flexibility throughout the week as you reach out and connect with students in your group. 
  • Community Group Leaders for Overflow do need to be upperclassmen, entering their junior or senior year in college.

Here some of the specific time commitments for the Internships: 

-Elementary School Small Groups: Sundays at 9am, 11am, or 5pm 

-Middle School Small Groups: Wednesdays 6-9pm

-High School Small Groups: Sundays 6-9pm

-Overflow Community Groups: Thursdays 6-9pm

College Leadership Expectations

      The expectation for both group leaders and interns is that Port City Community Church would be your church home. Making Port City your church home looks like attending Sunday Gatherings consistently and growing as a genuine champion of our church. This expectation is not intended to exclude anyone, rather we have learned over the past few years that, to get the most out of your involvement and to pour the most into your leadership, it is crucial for your involvement to be focused, going deep in one place instead of being spread thin in multiple places. 

      If you are ready to serve in some amazing places and with some incredible people in our church, grow in your walk with Jesus through consistent encouragement and challenge, and develop into the leader God has designed you to be, we think you should apply! 

Check out our Zoom College Leader Interest Meeting from 4/16 if you’d like to hear more about these opportunities!

If you have any questions, please email Also, please fill out this application on your computer 😉.

Applications are due on or before Thursday, April 30th!

Overflow Internship 2018-19!

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We are excited to open applications for the 2018-19 Overflow Internship Team!!! 

It takes a lot of people to make Overflow what it is. With that in mind we are looking for highly motivated, organized, relational, hard working students to join our Overflow Intern Team!

The Overflow Intern Team is a collection of college students who unite under a common vision to be a champion for Overflow, to be a voice for our students, and to be an extension of the staff. College students who apply and are accepted will quickly find themselves a part of a team and welcomed into a family! Interns will work together to accomplish team tasks, while also serving a specific role under the leadership of an Overflow Staff member. Time on the Overflow Intern Team will provide students with an incredible experience and valuable training in ministry, leadership, and life!

The ideal commitment is for the entire 2018-19 school year- this will be a large factor in choosing our interns for next year. However, there could be exceptions made for students who can only fully commit to one semester (due to graduation or school major requirements). These internships are unpaid and require approximately 10 hours a week- the largest chunk of that time focused on Tuesday night services.

If you are interested in joining our intern team, please fill out this short application. Also, if you are interested, check out some of the specific areas we are looking for intern help in the section below.

Applications are due by May 31st. If you have any questions, please email

Intern Roles:

Our internship positions will not be limited to these specific roles, but these are some of our anticipated ministry needs!

Host Team Create welcoming environments where students know and believe “they belong here”!

Host Team Interns work to create engaging and welcoming environments every night at Overflow. An environment where every student can believe “they belong”. These Interns set-up all Host Team spaces, they will organize, build, and communicate with their specific team of students, they will lead Host Team meetings, and facilitate and manage volunteers and environments.

Connect Lead the charge in helping students to find their place at Overflow!

Connect Interns lead the charge in helping students to find their place at Overflow! The ultimate goal is to connect students into their next step in their walk with Christ. There is a large focus on helping students to relationally connect with their peers and/or with a leader at Overflow. These Interns will set up all Connect spaces, coordinate Connect volunteers, and facilitate clean-up of environments after Overflow!

Hospitality Cultivate atmospheres where team members, guests, and staff feel like family!

Hospitality Interns cultivate friendly and generous atmospheres where team members, guest speakers, and staff feel like family! A green room culture like this allows the Overflow band and communicators to focus on leading students close to Jesus! These Interns will set up all backstage spaces, coordinate Hospitality volunteers in preparation of Tuesday night dinners, host guest speakers, and facilitate the clean-up of spaces after Overflow.

Media Produce content that capture students attention and deliver clear messages!

Media Interns work with staff to produce content that capture students attention and deliver a clear message. These Interns will help design social media content, photography, videography, print material, graphic content for Tuesday night services, and assist the Intern Team in set up and clean up of all environments at Overflow.

Production Facilitate engaging worship experiences where students can encounter Jesus!

Production Interns lead the way to create engaging worship experiences where students are free to have real Jesus encounters. Worship experiences that are authentic, accessible, and applicable to everyday life. These Interns will set up all Production spaces, learn and serve in various production roles, and clean up environments after Overflow.

Thanks for your interest! Let us know if you have any questions.

-The Overflow Staff

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Overflow Interns!


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The Overflow Staff are excited to be forming an official Overflow Internship Team this fall!!! 

UPDATE: We’ve been blown away by how many students have already applied. That means if you are interested, you need to act fast. We will be making your final decision for our Internship Team by August 1st!

We are currently looking for motivated, relational, organized, and hard working individuals to join our Team! Specifically, we want to find college students with interest and abilities in hospitality, administration, graphic design, social media, live production, event planning, and relational ministry. These internships will be for the 2017-18 school year.

If you are interested in joining our intern team, please fill out this short application.

If you have any questions, please email



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SEND 20 – Recap

This semester we wanted to make an impact in our world through our partnership with a seminary in Guatemala, called SETECA. So we made a goal to provide 20 scholarships for students to afford Seminary training in order to be equipped and sent out to impact the world!

This goal had us both excited and nervous. We feared that our goal was to high or our timeframe was too short. But thanks to YOUR generosity, we were able to afford more than 20 scholarships!

Here are some of the students we were able to help:

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We wanted to give you a look at some of the specific students we empowered through SEND20:

Meet Diego:

Diego came to the seminary “SETECA” from Ecuador. Last year he served as the student body president. This year he is studying in Masters of Theology program. Diego feels God’s calling to do church leadership training in the rural areas of Ecuador. Because of SEND20, we were not only able to make an impact in Guatemala, but also in the future of Ecuador!

Meet Raul & Angela:

Raul & Angela came to SETECA from Spain. Angela is studying counseling and Raul is studying Bible. Raul is involved in a teaching ministry in their local church. They both serve in pastoral care with SETECA married students that live on campus. They are seeking GOd’s will as to where He would have them minister upon graduation.

Meet Elizabeth:

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Elizabeth came to SETECA with her family from Bolivia. She is studying Counseling. Alberto, her husband, also studied at SETECA and is currently pastoring a church in Guatemala City. Elizabeth has a passion for children and has started a club for kids on Saturdays with children from low income situations. Elizabeth plans to continue using her counseling and teaching abilities along with her husband in ministry!


Meet Loida:

Loida’s parents are SETECA alumni. Loida is from Guatemala but lived for several years in Spain where her parents are serving as missionaries. Loida is studying Bible in the masters program. She has a love for languages and feels God is leading her to do Bible translation!

As you can tell, together as Overflow, we were able to come together and bless college students at SETECA to make an impact all across the world! Thank you so much for you generosity and please join us in continuing to pray for these individuals and what God is doing in and through our ministry partner SETECA!


Treasure Island

Jump In With “Treasure Island”

Each Sunday kids in Treasure Island, PC3’s elementary ministry,  engage in a camp-like experience as they come in to worship, play crazy games, build relationships in small group and learn about God with their friends.

Their mission is to reach kids and come alongside families to help them walk with God and they believe that life change happens in the context of small groups. This is where you come in. As a college student you have the opportunity to pour into the kids alongside of your friends and make a huge impact with your time. They provide everything that you need to become a successful small group leader from the materials and all of the curriculum to the training and support as you develop as a leader.

Treasure Island would love to have YOU and your friends come and join this mission by volunteering to be a small group leader for the 9am, 11am or 5pm service. This is an easy way to make a huge impact in our church and in our city… so grab a friend and jump in to T.I.!

If you would like to learn more about volunteering in Treasure Island, please email!

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SEND 20 – Overflow Giving Project

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This semester we desire to make an impact in our world through our partnership with a seminary in Guatemala, called SETECA! You and I may never make it to the cities of Argentina, or the villages of Ecuador, or the towns of Nicaragua to share the love of Jesus… but there are people who God has called and who desire to do that very thing. Many of them desire to be trained and equipped for that task, but for some the ability to pay for that training is not even possible.

This semester we want to make that possible. We want to provide 20 scholarships for students to afford Seminary training in order to be equipped and sent out to impact the world! And all we have to do is give.

Individually, it would be difficult to SEND 20, but if every student at Overflow donated $20 ($5 for every Tuesday in February) we can reach our goal! Let’s come together and make a small sacrifice to make a huge impact in our world!

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A New Year & A Fresh Hope

Check out a special message from our Overflow Pastor, Clay Everett below:

“I love the start of a new year. For me it’s a chance to take a breath, to access where I’ve come from, and look forward to where I’m going. The beginning of 2017 has been no different. As I looked back over last year there are so many things I was grateful for, but also things I hope to do differently or get better at this year…and with those things in mind 2017 is full of hope!

What’s cool is that we have the same opportunity for a fresh hope at Overflow! God was good to us last year, but I believe He has more in store! As I look ahead to this year, and this Spring Semester, here is my hope for Overflow…

My hope for Overflow is that we would be a people who seek after God. That we would be a people who seek to know God better, to trust Him more fully, and to love Him more deeply. I believe this can be true for each of us, whether you feel near to God or far from God. Whether your life is great or if your pain feels unbearable…. God invites each of us to seek Him and He makes this promise:

“If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.” – Jeremiah 29:13

The Bible tells us that seeking God brings understanding, blessing, refreshing, gladness, reviving, and reward… and these results are not in addition to God, but God Himself. When we seek God, we find that God is the only One able to satisfy every longing of our hearts!

So as we start this new year let’s together make a choice to seek God. Let’s run after God and seek Him as our hope, our righteousness, our source, our life, our refuge and reward! If we do… I believe that we will come to the end of this semester and that we would be able to see some really amazing things that God has done in us and through us!

That is my hope.”

– Clay Everett

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At Overflow we believe that God has called each and every one of us to make an impact in the world. We may forget it, but the truth is we have been given a divine purpose! We have been sent by God to bring hope and truth to a world desperately in need of it- to bring Jesus to a world in need of a Savior! And we do that through our words and our actions.

Together as Overflow we desire to make an impact in our Campus, City, and World! Here is how you can join us:


The Overflow Campus Organization (OCO) is a committed team of students who are passionate about seeing Overflow’s mission brought to our college campuses. Simply put, our mission at OCO is reach students to help them walk with God. We would love to have you meet with us weekly as we seek to engage, serve, and connect college students to Christ!


We love Wilmington- so we are committed to making our city better! We have decided that as Overflow, we are going to pour everything we have into making an impact in our city through the Brigade Boys & Girls Club. Brigade is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring, enabling, and empowering children in our city who need us the most! To join us in serving this awesome club, check out the link below!


The Missions team of Port City Church has some pretty amazing opportunities for us to go outside of our comfort zone (and outside of our country), in order to share the hope and truth of Jesus with the world far away from us! If you want to find out how you can make an impact in our world, let us know and we will give you more information about our upcoming summer mission trips!


Overflow Fall Weekend 2016!

Fall Weekend is this Friday September 30 & Saturday October 1! *UPDATE* After prayer and consideration, we have decided to make this opportunity FREE for all students! BUT, we do need you to sign-up so we can have an accurate count for food! #OVFfallweekend will be a very intentional time for you to get to know other students better and to be encouraged in their walks with God. There will be food, fire pits, worship, teaching, coffee, community and a lot fun! If you love Overflow and would enjoy experiencing it in a smaller, more intimate environment…you’ll love this!

Here are a few quick details about Fall Weekend:


  • Friday, SEPT 30 // Registration starts at 5:30PM. Programing will go from 6PM – late night. Free Islands dinner is included! (We’re sending everyone home Friday night late to sleep in their own beds ’cause who wants to sleep on a church floor right?)
  • Saturday, OCT 1 // 9AM – 5PM. Free coffee, snacks, and lunch will be included!

Port City Community Church- Studio 3 Auditorium

All college aged students (18-25) are welcome! Invite your friends but make sure they register! : )

Feel free to bring your own Bible, journal, pen, and water bottle! Also, wear clothes where you can be comfortable and active.
That’s it!

Sign up here today!

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Overflow Fall Weekend!

On November 6th & 7th, Overflow is hosting a gathering that we’re calling “Fall Weekend!” This will be a very intentional time for students to get to know other students better and to be encouraged in their walks with God. There will be food, fire pits, worship, teaching, coffee, community and a lot fun! The focus of this Overflow Weekend is “Life Together”, a look at true Christian community! If you love Overflow and would enjoy experiencing it in a smaller, more intimate environment…you’ll love this!

Here are a few quick details about Fall Weekend:

  • Begins on Friday, Nov. 6th at 6:00 PM
  • The cost for the weekend is $30
  • Taking place in Studio 3 at Port City Community Church
  • We’re sending everyone home Friday night late to sleep in their own beds (cause who wants to sleep on a church floor right?)
  • We will pick back up Saturday morning at 9:00 and wrap up by 5:00

Sign up here today!