Do It Scared

“Do It Scared” – Samer Massad

   The first Overflow of 2020, we invited our friend Samer Massad to join us all the way from Atlanta, Georgia. He delivered an incredible message called, “Do It Scared” talking about courage and what it looks like to live courageously in the face of fear. 

This message wasn’t about eliminating fear as much as it is about overcoming fear. Eliminating fear and overcoming fear are two very different things. Eliminating fear is about making your fear go away completely. If you’ve ever been scared to do something or try something– you know this – you can’t just make your fear go away, right? That’s why it’s not helpful when someone says, “Don’t be scared.” If we wait for fear to be eliminated before we do something, we’d never do it. But overcoming fear is different. Overcoming fear is pushing through the fear and moving forward anyway. And that’s what this series is about – because that’s what courage is. Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is moving forward in the face of it. 
It’s not that courageous people don’t experience fear. Courageous people are compelled to push through the fear. In other words, courageous people do it scared. Here’s what that means – maybe you’ve never considered yourself a courageous person but if you’ve ever been afraid, you can be courageous. So this message is about what living courageously looks like and what should compel the courageous life that God is calling you to!  

Night Of Worship 2019

Night Of Worship 2019

    We got to end this semester with an incredible Night of Worship & Baptism. What a way to end this semester, this year, and this DECADE! We’ll see you all in 2020!

Obedience Of Love

“Obedience Of Love” – Clay Everett

    The path to love is paved by obedience! The final chapter in 1 John shows us that obedience is not just blind duty, but tangible trust in a loving God. Obedience may not be easy, but obedience is always for our good and God’s glory. It enables us to love and ultimately leads to our victory!

Love Perfected

“Love Perfected” – Clay Everett

    We all long to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We hope we can make a big difference in our world, and that is exactly what God invites each of us into. When we love others out of God’s love for us, we actually complete or perfect the love of God in us and through us!

Faith Over Feelings

“Faith Over Feelings” – Mike Ashcraft

    It is easy for us to let our feelings have the ultimate authority in our lives which often leaves us anxious, worried, scared, or even paralyzed. But God has intended a way for us to live free- not subject to our feelings. But this requires us to live with vision. Check out Mike’s message on 1 John 3 in Part 3 of  our series Light & Love.

A Heart Divided

“A Heart Divided” – Clay Everett

    The love for God always overflows into love for others. But love for the world always diminishes our love for God. It’s not a matter of rule keeping but capacity! Your heart only has so much capacity, only so much ability to love. The question for us to think about is this: What are you giving your heart to?

In The Light

“In The Light” – Clay Everett

    Faith in Jesus brings us into the light of God and into a right relationship with a righteous God! Yet when we sin, and we will sin, we are tempted to step back into the darkness to hide in our sin, shame, and fear. The book of 1 John urges us to stay in the light. And when you do, you stay connected in fellowship with God and with others!

All Scripture

“All Scripture” – Clay Everett

    This Tuesday we took a break from a teaching series in order to focus an entire night on scripture. We talked about what the Bible is, how we can approach it, and how we can read it as a daily rhythm in our lives!

Made For This – Week 3

“Learning To Love” – Clay Everett

    We wrapped our series “Made for This” with a deep dive into the reality that while we were made by God to live in community, community is not easy! In fact, living in Jesus-centered community takes leaps of faith, really hard work, and lots of love!

Passion Night At Overflow

Passion Night At Overflow – “To Win Some” – Brad Jones

    This past Tuesday was a special night at Overflow. Our friends Brad Jones and the Passion Worship band led us with worship and a message. Check out Brad’s message above about the importance of being “all things to all people!”