OVF Summer- “Firm Faith”

Overflow Summer – “Firm Faith” – Clay Everett

God desires us to not only begin a relationship with Him by faith, but to live our entire lives by faith and not just an abstract, wishful thinking, trying hard to believe kind of faith…but a firm faith. A faith that is stable, steadfast, and established! This kind of faith must rest on something solid. The question is what is that solid place and how do we get there?

Night Of Worship – Spring ’15

We spent the last Tuesday Night of the ’14-’15 school year simply worshiping God together- praising God for who He is and for what He has done in our lives! It was an amazing night and incredible way to end the year!

“Surrounded” – Part 3

Life is light of God’s Mission – Mark Foland

It can be easy to simply internalize our relationship with God, making it only about us. But God is calling us to much more than this, He’s calling us to action. He is calling us to give what we have been given away. He is calling us to be a part of His mission. And if you want to know how your life fits into that mission, just take look around you. God has a purpose for you right where you are, with the people right around you!

“Surrounded” – Part 2

Life In Light Of The Gospel – Mark Foland

Let’s be honest, figuring out a plan for our future is pretty important to us all. As Christians we begin looking for this future plan from God. But what if God doesn’t simply have a plan for your future, but rather a plan for your relationship with Him that can carry you through any future that may come your way? If this is true we had better get to know God better and learn to live our entire life in light of the relationship He has invited us into!

“Surrounded” – Part 1

Life In Light Of The Gospel – Mark Foland

This past Tuesday, Mark Foland began a new series entitled “Surrounded”, focused on the idea that whatever is most important to you at your core, will be what surrounds your life. This means that we need to take an honest look at what exactly surrounds us! We were left with the challenging question, “does your life make the Gospel look attractive?”

“Bad Blood” – Part 2

Forgive As You’ve Been Forgiven  – Stuart Hall

When we discover that we are sick with some form of illness, our number one concern isn’t how we got it, where it came from, or whose fault it was… but how to get rid of it. With Bad Blood we spend a lot of time trying to figure out who is to blame… rather than focusing on getting rid of it. Freedom is not found in the one who hurt you. It’s found when you focus on the source of your forgiveness – Jesus. The cross destroys our excuse not to forgive. The cross gives us every reason to forgive others and put Bad Blood to rest.

“Go” – Part 2

Serving Well  – Clay Everett & Jeremy Hardy

For us to serve like Jesus served, we need a change of heart! But even with the best of intentions we can still serve others in ways that are more harmful than helpful. We need help understanding how to serve others well.  For this we asked our friend Jeremy (a local missionary and non-profit organization director) to share some of his thoughts and some practical steps to serving well.

After the message, we opened up sign-ups for our first ever Overflow Serve Day! Find out more and sign up for a Serve Day project here!

Night of Compassion

Night of Compassion – Doug Dworak w/Tiny Hands International

This Tuesday night’s Overflow service was a pretty special one. We did a lot of things in a different way than we usually do them, not simply to be different, but to help us focus on just one thing…being people of compassion! We had the honor of hosting Doug Dworak with Tiny Hands International, an organization working to share God’s grace through compassion with children and victims of sex-trafficking in Nepal. Doug challenged us to truly follow Christ by daily putting on hearts of compassion and as a result becoming real difference-makers in this world!

Fall Kickoff ’14

Bigger – Clay Everett

Imagine what this year ahead could look like if you allowed God to influence every aspect of it? This year could be about something much bigger than the classes you will take, the friends you will make, the boyfriend or girlfriend you will date, or the things you will do…all these being important parts of you. It could be about God…making him big in your life by letting him shape and direct every part of your life. So that in the end he will be seen as big through your life!