Beyond Intentions

Beyond Intentions – Mike Ashcraft

        More often than not our intentions are good, genuine, and sincere. We desire to do what’s right. But what happens when our intentions get tested, pressed, or challenged. Do you have something to hold onto in those times? At some point we have to move beyond intentions.

Wreck My Life

Wreck My Life – Mo Isom

        Often times it isn’t until God wrecks our lives that we discover the glory of renewal through Jesus Christ. And that wreckage can be sacred rather than scarring. It’s when we learn to journey from broken to bold that we learn to surrender our lives to the King who was wrecked on their behalf.

God-Inspired Personal Vision

God-Inspired Personal Vision – Brian Few

        This year we want to encourage you to have God-inspired personal vision for your life. Through this message Brian Few, the founder of Overflow, shares why it’s so important and how to begin seeing clearly by allowing your dreams, goals, and plans to be shaped by the teachings of Scripture and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Create The Future

Create The Future – Miles Fidell

        Most of us struggle to know exactly what God has for us in the future. But here is the thing… when you are consumed with what will happen in the future, you compromise what God can do in the here and now. We need to remember that the future we are going to experience one day is directly related to the decisions we make today!

Mysterious Things – Chapter 3

Mysterious Things – Chapter 3

        As Christians we may wish that all temptation would just go away, but that’s not reality. The Bible tells us that the devil is real. It tells us that the devil is our enemy. It tells us that the devil tempted Jesus over and over again in the wilderness. He will do the same with us, but there is a way to walk in victory even in the battle!

Mysterious Things – Chapter 2

Mysterious Things – Chapter 2

        What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about heaven? Truth is most of us don’t really have a framework for thinking about heaven. Or maybe you aren’t even sure if heaven is real, but if heaven is then we should think about it. The truth is heaven may be mysterious but it does not need to be a mystery!

Truth Needs A Guide

“Truth Needs A Guide” – Joey Todd

        It may seem like the more you seek to know God, the more closely you investigate the things of God, the more extraordinary mysteries you uncover! In your search for answers, you may feel like you are only left with more questions. In truth, God and the things of God are mysterious… and yet they are not a mystery! God can be known. The question is: “are you willing to search for Him in the Mysterious Things”?

The 20/20 Experience

“The 20/20 Experience” – Samer Massad

        We all have a lens through which we see the world, people, relationships, money, time, success, tragedy, school, purpose… everything.  Every decision you make, every priority you set, even every dollar you spend is preceded by a particular view of things. So what is the lens through which you see your life? And does that lens provide you with the clarity you desire…the clarity you need?

You can check out the free “20/20 Experience” (1 week) devotional on the YouVersion app here!

Free To Rest

“Free To Rest” – Clay Everett

        Because of Jesus, we have been given freedom, but what do we do with our freedom? In Galatians chapter 5, Paul urges us to stand firm in our freedom. Why? Because there will be opposition to the freedom that Jesus has purchased for us. But standing firm might just look different than you think.

Free To Fight

“Free To Fight” – Brad Jones

        For freedom Jesus has set you free, but there are still battles to fight. And in the fight against sin there may be not greater struggle then that of comparison. When we measure ourselves up  against everyone else we allow insecurity and insignificance to hold us captive. The truth is… freedom does not mean you stop fighting.