“Us”-Week 4: The Distance

“The Distance”- Clay Everett

The reality is our friends can turn to enemies in a heartbeat. Unforgiveness in our hearts puts our friendship at risk. But forgiveness frees us to move in the direction of reconciliation with our most difficult relationships. If we want healthy, godly friendship we must learn to forgive even what seems unforgivable. God calls us to this, but also showed how to do it!

“Us”-Week 3: For Honor

“For Honor”- Clay Everett

It can sometimes feel like the only point of family is to make life difficult. But the truth is God has a much bigger and better purpose for family. God designed the family to play a major role in your life, and through it not to make your life difficult, but to make it prosper!

“Us”-Week 2: The Direction

“The Direction”- Clay Everett

We tend to put so much pressure on dating. Who should I date? How should I date? What’s the point of dating anyways? In part 2 of our series called “Us”, we want to give you all permission to take a breath when it comes to dating. We hope to encourage you with the who, the how, and the what of dating in a way that gives you a new perspective on dating and some practical tips to do it better!

“Us”-Week 1: Friendship Is A Choice

“Friendship Is A Choice”- Clay Everett

Sure, it would be great if relationships were easy… but the reality is they’re not. Relationships can be difficult. Relationships can be complicated. Relationships can be a struggle. So how do we do relationships well? Through this series we hope to get past the labels of relationships, to see what is required of us in them. To see what it is that God has to say about relationships, and how He calls us to participate in them!

Tough Love

“Tough Love”- Samer Massad

If we are honest, there are times in each of our lives when we need to be woken up! There are times when we allow the natural drift of life to take us away from where we truly want to be. This past Tuesday at Overflow, our friend Samer reminded us that it’s in these times when we need to hear Jesus speaking tough love to us. Calling us away from indifference, and into an intimate relationship with Him!


Broken Beginning

Broken Beginning – Courtney Everett

Let’s face it…we love when things are new. We love it when things are bright and shiny. But what do we do when this new year already feels out of control? How do we respond to the brokenness in our lives or the chaos we find ourselves in? It’s in these times, in these seasons when we need something truly valuable to cling to. It’s in these places in life where we need to learn to truly treasure Christ and allow God to work in the mist of it all!

Is It Worth It?

Is It Worth It? – Joey Todd

How often do we put ourselves out there? Out of our comfort zones? Into uncertain territory?
Most of the “it was worth it” moments in life require us to. But often there seems to be something holding us back. Something we have to get over, let go of and just do it. Jesus called us to be on mission when he said “Go into all the World.” What would it look like for you to put yourself out there for the sake of God’s mission in your dorm room, apartment, school, and city?

What’s New

What’s New – Mike Ashcraft

This past Tuesday was the kick-off Overflow service for 2017- and it didn’t disappoint! We got to hear an incredible message from our PC3 Pastor, Mike Ashcraft, that encouraged and challenged us as we begin this new semester to slow down, to process what we really believe about things, and to set our eyes on what will truly satisfy our souls. We encourage you at the start of this semester to do just that!

End of Year Communion 2016

End of Year Communion – Clay Everett

The last Overflow of 2016 was a special night. The Overflow band led us so well in worship of our great God. We got to say goodbye to one our incredible staff members who is leaving to pursue God’s call to the mission field. And it was so impactful to share in communion together, remembering and celebrating all that God has done for us through his Son JESUS!

AWE- Week 2

AWE – Clay Everett

From the beginning God gave us the capacity to be in AWE of Him. However, we still find ourselves in positions of placing our AWE in lesser things that won’t satisfy. God continually calls us to himself, to a position of being amazed and satisfied in Him. Where is your AWE?