Kendall’s Baptism Story

This past semester, we got to celebrate Kendall’s baptism!

“Anxiety has always been present. I can never shut my mind off. But God has given me freedom from anxiety in my life… God is always present. Knowing that I don’t have to take on this world alone and knowing that He already overcame this world: God saved me from myself and gave me the greatest gift of all which is grace- and with that come the ability to myself grace but to give grace to others.”

A lot of us struggle with anxiety but Kendall’s testimony reminds us that we can find freedom in Christ! Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kendall! We pray that God continues to allow you to be a light and an example to others.
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Devin’s Baptism Story

This past semester, we got to celebrate Devin’s baptism!

When she told us her story, she said, “I struggled with not feeling good enough… I didn’t feel full and I felt a void in my life so I was just going through the motions.”

Many of us struggle to feel like we have to be perfect for the people in our lives- especially our family, friends. We hope you can take a moment to listen to Devin’s story of finding fullness in the Lord and learning to trust Him.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Devin! We are so glad God brought you to Wilmington and to Overflow!

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Julianne’s Baptism Story

A few weeks away we got to celebrate Julianne’s baptism!

“In times when I think about my Dad, I think of what God promises me and the truth that He gives me- that regardless of whether I have a dad on earth I still have a Heavenly Father. Ever since my dad passed away there has always been a season or a storm… it’s never really calmed down since then. But I’ve really found that God is the calm in my storm.”

“I was searching-  I was looking for something to take the pain. God saved me… He gave me the strength to pursue. I was looking for my belonging elsewhere. It wasn’t this year until I got plugged into Overflow… that I found my true belonging and my identity in Christ. ”

Thank you for sharing your story with us Julianne and for being an awesome part of this ministry!

Check out her story above.

JulianneJulianne-2 Julianne-3 Julianne-4 Julianne-5 Julianne-6


Ginny’s Baptism Story

A few weeks away we got to celebrate Ginny’s baptism!

“I completely let go of a lot of bitterness that I held. I have completely forgiven my dad. And that is not something I could have ever done with out Christ. And that is not something I ever expected my self to be able to do. That is evidence enough for me to know that my God is good and He is forgiving. He forgives my dad and I forgive my dad too.”

Thank you, Ginny, for reminding us of the freedom we have to love and forgive others through Christ!

Check out her story above!

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Thanks for sharing your story, Ginny!

Guatemala 2017

Every Spring Break we send a team of college students to a seminary we partner with in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Each year we have an incredible experience learning more about our team, about Guatemalan culture, and what God is doing in Central America through our ministry partners and- in affect- all over the world! This year was no exception. Check out a video recapping this year’s mission trip filmed by our students, Kenneth Freyer.



Senior Video 2017


We have had the pleasure of doing ministry with some incredible people over the past 4 years. In honor of some of these students graduating last week, we wanted to share a video that we showed on Senior Night at Overflow. Check out the video above to hear some amazing advice and wisdom that these seniors have to offer you!

. . .

Also, we couldn’t send these seniors off properly if we didn’t have a little fun… Check out some of the outtakes from out time together, in the video below. Enjoy!

Kenneth’s Baptism Story

On Senior Night at Overflow, we got to hear Kenneth’s story and celebrate in his baptism!

“It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college that I took a step back and reevaluated everything. I started turning away from my earthly desires and started diving into the Word and that is because a friend of mine invited me to Overflow… it was one of the greatest experiences and it started to open up my perspective and my heart to Jesus.”

Thank you Kenneth for reminding us how God uses simple acts of obedience to completely change our lives. And thank you for allowing God to use your talents and gifts to make an impact in our world and to glorify Him!

Check out his story above!

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Thanks for sharing your story, Kenneth!


Treasure Island

Jump In With “Treasure Island”

Each Sunday kids in Treasure Island, PC3’s elementary ministry,  engage in a camp-like experience as they come in to worship, play crazy games, build relationships in small group and learn about God with their friends.

Their mission is to reach kids and come alongside families to help them walk with God and they believe that life change happens in the context of small groups. This is where you come in. As a college student you have the opportunity to pour into the kids alongside of your friends and make a huge impact with your time. They provide everything that you need to become a successful small group leader from the materials and all of the curriculum to the training and support as you develop as a leader.

Treasure Island would love to have YOU and your friends come and join this mission by volunteering to be a small group leader for the 9am, 11am or 5pm service. This is an easy way to make a huge impact in our church and in our city… so grab a friend and jump in to T.I.!

If you would like to learn more about volunteering in Treasure Island, please email!

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Overflow Spotlight- Kalee Stikeleather

Photo Jan 20, 5 56 44 PM

Everyone welcome Kalee Stikeleather to the #OVFspotlight!

Kalee is the newest addition the the Overflow staff! She will be joining Zack to focus on helping students get connected in and to our ministry. A lot of you recognize Kalee from leading worship at Overflow but haven’t had the chance to meet her.

So we asked Kalee a few questions to help you get to know her better!

Tell us a little about yourself.

“I grew up in a small and unique town called Monroe, NC and the most interesting thing to do on a weekend, while in high school, was going to Walmart or going muddin’ (a.k.a. four wheeling in the mud, hah!). I was raised in a family of four with incredible parents and an older brother named Josh. Our family grew when my brother married Bekah and they had the most adorable 1 year old named Teagan!

I started at CFCC and later graduated from UNCW with a degree in Marketing in 2013 and shortly after that attended a worship school called 10,000 Fathers for 18 months. Through worship school, I was led by the best teachers who challenged and encouraged me on my identity, my skills and my leading- truly one of the most fruitful seasons in my life.

While all that was happening, I met my husband, Parrish, through mutual friends at Overflow one night. Our story is actually a really funny, sweet, long story – you are welcomed to ask me anytime to hear about it, hah! Fast forward 3 years later, we got married in Wilmington and now have been married for almost 4 years. Whoop, whoop!”

How did you first get involved with PC3?

“Once I moved to Wilmington, I immediately got involved with PC3 by attending services and volunteering in different ministries. After I attended PC3 for a year, I had the honor of joining the worship team as a Worship Leader. It really is so sweet to see that since I’ve moved here I’ve been able to participate in every ministry in some way, through singing or volunteering, for a church that I love so much.

One thing about me is I love love love anything that involves music, leading or writing songs. It truly is a joy and an immense honor to lead worship in every event I’m a part of. I love worshiping with our Father, leaning in to hear His voice and proclaiming praises in the presence of Truth.”

Tell us about your experience with Overflow.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I first attended Overflow as a freshman in college, but I do remember when I left that night, I knew that I never wanted to miss another service after that. From the first interactions with students who made me feel welcomed, to the songs that awakened me to sing, to the awareness of His presence filling the room and to the astounding lessons learned from the Word, I knew that this was what my heart needed- a constant, unwavering rhythm to be solely dependent on His name alone. I didn’t have everything figured out, and I still don’t 100%, but I knew that taking that small step to walk into that huge building was the biggest “yes” that I’ll never regret and forever grateful where God has taken me since January 2010.”

 What is your favorite thing about Overflow?

“As a student, other than the actual service of wonderful music and the message, I really appreciated the friendships that were made ever since the first couple of weeks that I attended Overflow. These are some of my best friends that walked alongside with me through college, while I was dating, a part of my bridal party, and constantly encouraging me in my journey today.”

What are you looking forward to most, being on staff with Overflow?

“In this new position, I have to say that I am most excited to see how God will stir student’s hearts in finding ways to get connected-whether through missions, small groups, volunteering, etc. It’s so cool to see that when God calls us to step into something that is uncomfortable, we experience more of Him because we are reliant on Him to do what we can’t do on our own. I know that it is going to be such an honor to witness that transformation as students take that step to connect!”

Speed Round!

  • What are you currently listening to? –“Psalm 23” by Shane & Shane on PsalmsLive Album, “Beautiful” by Mosaic MSC, and “Have it All” by Bethel
  • What are you currently reading? -“Finding I Am” by Lysa Terkeurst
  • Favorite Podcast? –10,000 Fathers Podcast
  • Favorite TV Show? –Friends
  • Favorite Coffee Drink? –Almond Latte

Thank you Kalee for all that you have done for Overflow and all that you are going to continue to do!

McKinley’s Baptism Story

We loved celebrating with McKinley in her baptism!

What an incredible reminder that God can use the broken and difficult parts of our lives to draw us closer to community and to Him! In God we find wholeness and we have a new life. That is something worth celebrating!

Check out McKinley’s story above.


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Thanks for sharing your story, McKinley!