Ashlyn’s Baptism Story

Earlier this semester, we got to celebrate Ashlyn’s baptism!

“I grew up going to Catholic school…. but I feel like my religion was forced on me… I studied the Bible but I was never really encouraged to form a relationship with God.”

Like many of us that grow up in a religious home, after a few painful and difficult seasons in life, we can begin to separate ourselves from God. Ashlyn’s experience was the same.

But through God’s grace, Ashlyn ended up surrounded by good community here in Wilmington that encouraged her to come to Overflow. After a few weeks of God working in her life and through her community, Ashlyn decided to dedicate her life to Christ!

“I want to be baptized today because I see the Lord working in me. And I see that in my darkest times, He loved me through it and He pulled me out of the situation I was in and brought me into a place that was full of life.” Incredible!

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Ashlyn!








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