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God Came Near: Jesus’ Humanity

GOD CAME NEAR- Jesus’ Humanity (To go along with this advent devotional, we’ve also made a Spotify playlist! Check it out here.)       It’s no secret, this year has been like no other! For some of us, this year has been a dry and desolate season. Some of us have experienced grief and […]

Praise & Thanksgiving- Night Of Worship 2020

“Praise & Thanksgiving” This Tuesday, we ended our regular Fall Semester with a special Night of Worship. The focus of the night was Praise & Thanksgiving, which might seem contrary to how we feel about 2020. But the reality is, in the midst of our troubles, in the midst of difficulty, in the midst of […]

Your Purpose Revealed

“Your Purpose Revealed” – Mike Ashcraft What is God’s plan for my life? Isn’t this the question we’re all asking? Or maybe you’re simply trying to figure out your own plan. Either way, we all desire to know what our future holds and how we’re going to get there. But our purpose isn’t something we find […]

“From a Pit, to a Palace, to a Prison”

“From a Pit, to a Palace, to a Prison” – Clay Everett  We all like being prepared for things- we just don’t always like having to prepare. Preparation takes work, it takes time, and while it may not always be easy, it’s almost always worth it! God knows the importance of preparation when it comes to […]

“A Year Of Adversity & A Day Like No Other”

“A Year Of Adversity & A Day Like No Other” – Carson Goslee    This year of adversity has put our confidence and our courage to the test like very few seasons have! For many of us our plans, hopes, and dreams seem to be put on hold. We may even doubt God’s ability to […]

A Life Transformed

“A Life Transformed” – Clay Everett      Living differently begins with thinking differently! To experience transformation in our lives we need to recognize the power of our minds, and the reality that if the ways of this world have shaped our hearts then they’ve definitely shaped our minds! But here is the good news: we […]

Change Is Possible!

“Change Is Possible” – Formed Part 2       Change is possible. Transformation is available. Because God is that good! In His kindness, God works to change our minds and change our hearts. But make no mistake, this work of formation is a lifelong process. God is committed to complete a good work in you […]

Conformed Heart

“Conformed Heart” – Clay Everett       Formation happens all the time. We are always being formed by something. The reality is that the ways of this world- ways of thinking, feeling, responding, and living that are opposite of the ways of Jesus- have also formed us, or conformed us. And if we have conformed […]

Night Of Worship & Communion

Night Of Worship & Communion       Everything about the Christian life is received. We receive salvation as a free gift. We receive forgiveness. We receive our identity. We receive community & family. We receive an inheritance. We receive a mission and a purpose. This past Tuesday was a special night of receiving communion […]

God’s Promised Presence

“Holy Spirit: Our Promised Presence” – Clay Everett       Presence is powerful. If you’ve ever been in the presence of someone famous or important you know what we’re talking about. You don’t want the moment to end, but when it does you leave excited, motivated, and ready to take on the world. If that’s […]