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Jesus: Our Satisfying Source

“Jesus: Our Satisfying Source” – Clay Everett       Jesus lived a remarkably compelling life! A life marked by self-giving love. As followers of Jesus we are called to live like Jesus, and to love like Jesus. Yet our attempts to live like Jesus are often met with failure and fatigue. The truth is, we […]

Accepting Hurt & Hope

“Accepting Hurt & Hope” – Toni Collier       Let’s talk about hurt and hope. But, more than that, let’s accept it. For far too long, we have bought into the idea that you have to choose one. But, what would it look like for us to choose the never-ending hope of Jesus while also […]

Already Approved

“New Way To Be Human: Already Approved” – Clay Everett       At our core, we all long for approval. As kids, we look to our parents for affirmation, to tell us we did well, and to tell us they are proud. If we don’t get the kind of approval we want, we start looking […]

Made New

“New Way To Be Human: Made New” – Clay Everett       When people think of Christianity they often think about commands that are supposed to be obeyed and rules that are supposed to be followed. To many, the way of Jesus appears strict and restrictive. But the truth is that following Jesus allows us to experience […]

We Belong Together

“We Belong Together” – Clay Everett       For many of us, this season of quarantine, stay-at-home, and everything being canceled has been a season of loneliness. But even In the midst of feeling alone, isolated, and lonely, Jesus brings hope. We know that Jesus makes us forgiven, but the good news of the gospel […]

A Story Of Restoration

“A Story Of Restoration” – Clay Everett       This week is one of the most significant weeks of the entire year for followers of Jesus. This week is Holy Week, or Easter Week. Because of that, today we want to tell a story- the Easter Story- like maybe you’ve never heard it before. A […]


COLLEGE LEADERSHIP 2020-21 APPLICATIONS! We are so excited to officially open applications for College Leadership 2020-21!       COLLEGE LEADERSHIP is an opportunity for you, as college students, to serve our church together, to grow as followers of Jesus together, and to lead others as you develop as leaders together! This opportunity is not […]

Fully Equipped

“Fully Equipped” – Clay Everett Feeling ill-equipped or unprepared is a massive fear for many of us. And in the chaos of the past few weeks, there is a good chance that you feel like you aren’t adequately prepared for this season. But you can rest assured that whatever God calls you to, He will equip you […]

Exchanging Anxiety

“Exchanging Anxiety” – Clay Everett Tuesday nights with Overflow are back! We tried to have our first Overflow Insta-Gathering, but due to technical difficulties, here we are. 😅 Today Clay is bringing us a short message  on Philippians 4, Kalee & Hunter are leading us in a time of worship, and afterwards, we’ll have some questions for […]

Broken Crayons Still Color

“Broken Crayons Still Color” – Toni Collier   This week we got to introduce Overflow to our new friend Toni Collier! Toni is a host, a speaker, a consultant, a wife, a mom… she is wild and so much fun, but most importantly, she loves Jesus. This past Tuesday, Toni shared a powerful message on brokenness. No one […]