“Where Are You Now?”- Week 1

Where Are You Now?: “What In The World” – Mike Ashcraft

When bad things happened to us, or around us, we often respond with a question like, “What in the world is going on?” We want answers for why bad things happen to good people. And we often demand to know why bad things happen to us. The Old Testament book of Job teaches us that the better question to ask is, “What in heaven is going on?” This begins to shift our perspective and directs our attention to the One who has the answers. Learn more about this from last week’s service at Overflow!

This past Tuesday, we also announced that we would love to address any questions you might have (about pain and suffering in life) throughout the rest of this series. If you have questions you would like to share anonymously, please use the following link:

“For Mature Audiences Only”- Week 2

For Mature Audiences Only: “Maturity” – Stuart Hall

As we grow up life and by the time we get to college we desire to be mature enough to handle our freedom. But many of us don’t understand what maturity is really all about. We define maturity as freedom from any responsibility to anyone or anything, or not being subject to anyone or anything. The truth is that maturity begins when we commit ourselves to something and built our lives around it! The question is have you committed your life to anything? And if so, to what or whom?

“For Mature Audiences Only”- Week 1

For Mature Audiences Only: “Freedom” – Stuart Hall

There is something inside each of us that desires so badly to be free. It starts from birth and continues into adulthood. From wanting freedom from diapers to freedom from tyranny…in never ends. Many of us come to college ready to explore our new found freedom. We start to believe that staying free and keeping our options open will satisfy us, but we soon find that the very things we pursue in our freedom in up enslaving us! But what if true fulfillment in life doesn’t come from protecting our freedom, but from ending it?

“The List”- Week 3

The List: “What We Need To Love” – Wade Morris

We all have different passions in life. Some of us love to surf, to write, playing music, playing sports, drinking coffee, or just spending time with friends. The truth is that passion is a powerful thing. What we love ultimately drives what we do and what we accomplish in life. So we’ve got to ask ourselves:  what are we most passionate about in life? For Christians, Jesus should be our ultimate passion, allowing Him to define and direct everything else!

“The List”- Week 2

The List: “What We Need To Do” – Wade Morris

In life things don’t always work out the way we want! Often times we make plans and set goals that in the end just don’t work out. This is why we make lists. We make lists to prioritize and give order to the things we need to do in order to accomplish our plans and goals. Jesus tells us that the greatest command or the greatest goal in life should be to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind. Your soul is the essence of who you are, and it informs what you do! So the question is… what do we need to do in life in order to love God well?

“The List”- Week 1

The List: “What We Need To Know” – Wade Morris

Seventy-five percent of college students who grew up in church will never go back to church by the time they graduate.  Somewhere in this statistic there is a disconnect. For many that disconnect lies between what we do and what we believe. We may say we have a relationship with God, but what do we believe about Him? We may read the Bible on occasion, but what do we believe about it? When difficulties, discontentment, or inconvenience come what we really believe about something ultimately determines what we do about it!

“Stories Matter”- Week 4

Stories Matter – “Joseph’s Highs and Lows” – Duane Mixon

Joseph lived a life that was a lot like ours. His life wasn’t all good and it wasn’t all bad. It was full of ups and downs, highs and lows. And like a lot of us Joseph’s story didn’t exactly turn out the way he thought it would. The thing about Joseph is that in the good and the bad he consistently paid attention to God. Through it all he continued to lean into God, looking at his own life through the lens of what God was doing. The truth is that God is present and that He is always working in both the ups and downs of our lives too. It’s up to us to pay attention, to learn, and to believe that even what others mean for evil, God purposes for good!

“Stories Matter”- Week 3

Stories Matter – “David’s Heart” – Katie Ridd

David’s life reads like the pages of a fairy-tale. He was the shepherd boy turned giant slayer, who became a great warrior and eventually a mighty king! David was chosen by God and he was called to a great purpose…but David wasn’t perfect. And it was in a place of great imperfection that we see David’s heart. It was there that David had the courage to let God into the broken pieces of his story so that God could do, what only God can do…heal, restore, and redeem! God doesn’t just want our goodness, He wants our brokenness too.

“Stories Matter”- Week 2

Stories Matter – “The Path Solomon Chose” – Stuart Hall

Solomon was described as the wisest man to ever live, he was the son of King David, rich beyond belief, and leader of a great nation. Everything was seemingly in Solomon’s favor, yet his life slid away from where it once had been.  As Solomon got older he turned away from God and gave his heart to other things.  He didn’t just wind up in this place, nor do we just suddenly find ourselves in places far from God…we end up there because at some point it’s the path we chose. What path have you chosen and where it does it lead?

“Stories Matter”- Week 1

Stories Matter – “Peter’s Life Change” – Joey Todd

Peter was a disciple of Jesus, of all the disciples he may have even been the closest to Jesus. He had a front row seat to all the miracles and incredible things that Jesus did. Yet at a point of difficulty Peter let fear dominate, and he stepped back from even being associated with Him. But after an amazing encounter with Jesus…it all changed!