A Life Transformed

“A Life Transformed” – Clay Everett

     Living differently begins with thinking differently! To experience transformation in our lives we need to recognize the power of our minds, and the reality that if the ways of this world have shaped our hearts then they’ve definitely shaped our minds! But here is the good news: we can choose what we set our minds on and we can choose to pick up different ways, better ways, renewed ways of thinking!


Change Is Possible!

“Change Is Possible” – Formed Part 2

      Change is possible. Transformation is available. Because God is that good! In His kindness, God works to change our minds and change our hearts. But make no mistake, this work of formation is a lifelong process. God is committed to complete a good work in you because He is committed to you. Our part is to let God begin to do His work in our hearts!


Conformed Heart

“Conformed Heart” – Clay Everett

      Formation happens all the time. We are always being formed by something. The reality is that the ways of this world- ways of thinking, feeling, responding, and living that are opposite of the ways of Jesus- have also formed us, or conformed us. And if we have conformed by the world then we need to be transformed by God- and that is exactly what He has in mind!


Night Of Worship & Communion

Night Of Worship & Communion

      Everything about the Christian life is received. We receive salvation as a free gift. We receive forgiveness. We receive our identity. We receive community & family. We receive an inheritance. We receive a mission and a purpose. This past Tuesday was a special night of receiving communion together and remembering all that God has done for us. Our natural response is to worship and to lift high the name of Jesus!


God’s Promised Presence

“Holy Spirit: Our Promised Presence” – Clay Everett

      Presence is powerful. If you’ve ever been in the presence of someone famous or important you know what we’re talking about. You don’t want the moment to end, but when it does you leave excited, motivated, and ready to take on the world. If that’s true of a celebrity, how much more true would that be of God. How would knowing that God’s presence dwells in you empower you?


Jesus: Our Satisfying Source

“Jesus: Our Satisfying Source” – Clay Everett

      Jesus lived a remarkably compelling life! A life marked by self-giving love. As followers of Jesus we are called to live like Jesus, and to love like Jesus. Yet our attempts to live like Jesus are often met with failure and fatigue. The truth is, we were never meant to live the Christian life in our own strength, but rather in total dependence and radical trust in Jesus as our all-satisfying source of life!  This is the invitation of Jesus to abide.


Accepting Hurt & Hope

“Accepting Hurt & Hope” – Toni Collier

      Let’s talk about hurt and hope. But, more than that, let’s accept it. For far too long, we have bought into the idea that you have to choose one. But, what would it look like for us to choose the never-ending hope of Jesus while also accepting the hurt that comes with our broken, fallen world? Let’s figure it out together.


Already Approved

“New Way To Be Human: Already Approved” – Clay Everett

      At our core, we all long for approval. As kids, we look to our parents for affirmation, to tell us we did well, and to tell us they are proud. If we don’t get the kind of approval we want, we start looking for it from someone else, or we begin to believe we will never be enough for anyone. But in the story of Jesus’ baptism, we see a better way to be human. We learn a way to live FROM approval instead of living FOR approval!


Made New

“New Way To Be Human: Made New” – Clay Everett

      When people think of Christianity they often think about commands that are supposed to be obeyed and rules that are supposed to be followed. To many, the way of Jesus appears strict and restrictive. But the truth is that following Jesus allows us to experience the fullness of the life you were made to live! The way of Jesus is not about being a better behaved human or a more moral human. The way of Jesus is an entirely new way to be human!


We Belong Together

“We Belong Together” – Clay Everett

      For many of us, this season of quarantine, stay-at-home, and everything being canceled has been a season of loneliness. But even In the midst of feeling alone, isolated, and lonely, Jesus brings hope. We know that Jesus makes us forgiven, but the good news of the gospel is that  Jesus also makes us family! This year we hope that Overflow can be a home for you and that we can be family!