The Overflow Spotlight is a way to honor our incredible leaders, volunteer, and staff members. These individuals are a vital part of Overflow!

Overflow Spotlight- Kalee Stikeleather

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Everyone welcome Kalee Stikeleather to the #OVFspotlight!

Kalee is the newest addition the the Overflow staff! She will be joining Zack to focus on helping students get connected in and to our ministry. A lot of you recognize Kalee from leading worship at Overflow but haven’t had the chance to meet her.

So we asked Kalee a few questions to help you get to know her better!

Tell us a little about yourself.

“I grew up in a small and unique town called Monroe, NC and the most interesting thing to do on a weekend, while in high school, was going to Walmart or going muddin’ (a.k.a. four wheeling in the mud, hah!). I was raised in a family of four with incredible parents and an older brother named Josh. Our family grew when my brother married Bekah and they had the most adorable 1 year old named Teagan!

I started at CFCC and later graduated from UNCW with a degree in Marketing in 2013 and shortly after that attended a worship school called 10,000 Fathers for 18 months. Through worship school, I was led by the best teachers who challenged and encouraged me on my identity, my skills and my leading- truly one of the most fruitful seasons in my life.

While all that was happening, I met my husband, Parrish, through mutual friends at Overflow one night. Our story is actually a really funny, sweet, long story – you are welcomed to ask me anytime to hear about it, hah! Fast forward 3 years later, we got married in Wilmington and now have been married for almost 4 years. Whoop, whoop!”

How did you first get involved with PC3?

“Once I moved to Wilmington, I immediately got involved with PC3 by attending services and volunteering in different ministries. After I attended PC3 for a year, I had the honor of joining the worship team as a Worship Leader. It really is so sweet to see that since I’ve moved here I’ve been able to participate in every ministry in some way, through singing or volunteering, for a church that I love so much.

One thing about me is I love love love anything that involves music, leading or writing songs. It truly is a joy and an immense honor to lead worship in every event I’m a part of. I love worshiping with our Father, leaning in to hear His voice and proclaiming praises in the presence of Truth.”

Tell us about your experience with Overflow.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I first attended Overflow as a freshman in college, but I do remember when I left that night, I knew that I never wanted to miss another service after that. From the first interactions with students who made me feel welcomed, to the songs that awakened me to sing, to the awareness of His presence filling the room and to the astounding lessons learned from the Word, I knew that this was what my heart needed- a constant, unwavering rhythm to be solely dependent on His name alone. I didn’t have everything figured out, and I still don’t 100%, but I knew that taking that small step to walk into that huge building was the biggest “yes” that I’ll never regret and forever grateful where God has taken me since January 2010.”

 What is your favorite thing about Overflow?

“As a student, other than the actual service of wonderful music and the message, I really appreciated the friendships that were made ever since the first couple of weeks that I attended Overflow. These are some of my best friends that walked alongside with me through college, while I was dating, a part of my bridal party, and constantly encouraging me in my journey today.”

What are you looking forward to most, being on staff with Overflow?

“In this new position, I have to say that I am most excited to see how God will stir student’s hearts in finding ways to get connected-whether through missions, small groups, volunteering, etc. It’s so cool to see that when God calls us to step into something that is uncomfortable, we experience more of Him because we are reliant on Him to do what we can’t do on our own. I know that it is going to be such an honor to witness that transformation as students take that step to connect!”

Speed Round!

  • What are you currently listening to? –“Psalm 23” by Shane & Shane on PsalmsLive Album, “Beautiful” by Mosaic MSC, and “Have it All” by Bethel
  • What are you currently reading? -“Finding I Am” by Lysa Terkeurst
  • Favorite Podcast? –10,000 Fathers Podcast
  • Favorite TV Show? –Friends
  • Favorite Coffee Drink? –Almond Latte

Thank you Kalee for all that you have done for Overflow and all that you are going to continue to do!

Overflow Spotlight- Kailyn Johnston


In honor of the OCO Fall Kickoff this Monday, we wanted to welcome Kaillyn Johnston to the #OVFspotlight!

Kailyn was raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Three years ago she transferred to UNCW from Belmont University and soon after found PC3 and Overflow. Despite being new to the area, Kailyn was determined to not just attend church events, but to get involved. She quickly got connected serving on the Host Team and the Overflow Campus Organization and distinguished herself as one of our “go-to” volunteers. Today, Kailyn now serves as the president of OCO.

We asked Kailyn a few questions about her involvement here at Overflow.

Tell us a little about yourself.

“I am a Social Work major at UNCW, but my heart is in ministry. I love people. I adore traveling and adventuring. Talk to me about Colorado, and we can be best friends because I am obsessed with my home state.”

Why did you decide to get involved at Overflow?

“From the first time I came to Overflow, I was so encouraged by the sense of community I felt. I wanted to become a part of it and provide that same welcome and encouragement for other people. Getting involved is also an amazing way to make friends, so meeting more people definitely played a huge role in why I wanted to get involved as well.”

 What is your favorite part of serving at Overflow?

“Seeing the way God works through relationships that are created in the simplest ways. It might be holding a door. It might be getting to know someone and encouraging them to come to OCO. I’ve found that God works through even the tiniest interactions, and I am amazed at the way God weaves all of our lives together for His glory.”

 What is your favorite thing about Overflow?

“DA COMMUNITY. Hands down. Everyone is awesome and loving. Nuff said.”

How has Overflow impacted your life?

“Gosh, how has it not impacted my life? Overflow finally gave me traction in my walk. It has challenged me and given me a community that holds me accountable and encourages me to grow. More than anything, Overflow has taught me how to be vulnerable and what it looks like to truly be open to God.”

Thank you Kailyn for all that you do for Overflow! You make this ministry, and every person around you, better!

Don’t forget to check out the OCO Fall Kickoff this Monday, August 31st, at 5:00PM in the Long Leaf Pine Room of the Fisher Student Union. All students are welcome!

Overflow Spotlight- Blake Sheltra


Blake SheltraIn honor of Senior Night this coming Tuesday (April 28th) at Overflow, we wanted to welcome Blake Sheltra to the #OVFspotlight!

Blake is a senior at UNCW studying Recreation and Tourism Management. He is also one of awesome men’s small group leaders and has served as the president of the Overflow Campus Organization for two years!

We asked Blake a few questions about his involvement here:

How did you first get involved with serving at Overflow?

“I checked out OCO because a few of my friends invited me to a meeting. I quickly bought in to the mission behind OCO and knew that I wanted to be more involved in it.

I decided to lead a small group because I joined one my freshman year of college and it introduced me to a lot of my really good friends today. I knew that I wanted to minister to guys through their college years so it was the perfect opportunity for me to really give back to a ministry that has done so much for me.”

What is your favorite part of leading and serving through Overflow?

“I love serving at Overflow because I am very passionate about investing in relationships with people. Being a part of an organization like OCO really allows me to meet individuals whom I may have never had the chance to meet and therefore helps me create and grow in new friendships. Leading a group of incredible guys in a small group also gives me the opportunity to invest more intentionally in some guys just a bit younger than me and to share me experiences with the hope that they can learn something they otherwise wouldn’t.”

How has serving through Overflow impacted you?

“Serving with Overflow has helped to show me what it means to fully commit to a ministry and become a part of the mission at hand. Overflow’s mission is to “reach college students and help them walk with God.” I used to look at that and believe that I was one of the students that the staff and worships leaders were reaching and helping to grow. But through my time serving at this ministry, I learned that as a part of Overflow, I should be looking to carry out that mission as well. I learned that the ministry staff does not have all of the responsibility- I am called to be a part of that mission and reach students as well!”

Thank you for taking ownership in this ministry, Blake! We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Overflow Spotlight- Tyler Speck

Tyler Speck

Everyone welcome Tyler Speck to the #OVFspotlight!

Tyler transferred from the University of Alabama after his freshman year. He is now a junior at UNCW pursuing a degree in Human Resources. Tyler found Overflow and pretty quickly started to get involved. Two years later, Tyler is one of our key volunteers and one of our awesome men’s small group leaders!

We asked Tyler a few questions about his involvement here:

Why did you decide to get involved at Overflow?

“Overflow has really impacted me and my walk with the Lord. I felt that God wanted to use me to pour into others alongside this ministry that is changing lives.”

What is your favorite part of leading a Small Group?

“Whether it be through small group or through the worship and messages at Overflow every week, it has been amazing to see individuals grow in their walk with the Lord.

 There are so many opportunities to grow and get involved in Overflow than just Tuesday night services- whether that’s joining a small group, the Overflow Leadership Journey, the Overflow Campus Organization, etc.. Overflow can extend far beyond Tuesday nights if you let it!”

How has Overflow impacted your life?

“Through Overflow, the people involved, and serving in this ministry, God has completely redirected my life to be about all Him- not just an accessory. I have also gained an incredible community of friends because of Overflow, and we constantly encourage each other and push each other in our walks.

Getting involved at Overflow is a great way to excel in your walk and to pour into others. You don’t have to have a strong walk to get involved, but by doing so, your walk will be strengthened more than you can imagine!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Tyler. Thank you for making an investment in Overflow and your peers!

Overflow Spotlight- Whitty Stephens

Whitty StephensEveryone welcome Whitty Stephens to the #OVFspotlight! Whitty is a senior at UNCW studying Finance and Accounting. But you might recognize him as one of our awesome Host Team members holding a door and greeting everyone to Overflow on a Tuesday night!

“I always felt like I should get involved in church, but told myself I didn’t have time. However @mikeashcraft spoke one Sunday about a huge aspect of walking with God which is being active in service. So I decided to take the next step in my faith, and volunteer at Overflow.

Through attending and serving at Overflow, I have been able to make many great friendships that have encouraged me and challenged my walk with God.”

Thank you Whitty for sharing and for being a HUGE part of Overflow!

Welcome To The Overflow Spotlight!

JJ ClarkWelcome to the #OVFspotlight where we will introduce and honor one of our incredible leaders, volunteers, or staff members!

This is JJ Clark. JJ is not a new face to Overflow but he is the newest addition to the Overflow staff (as of July 2014)! We are excited to introduce you to our production/service coordinator!

JJ and his wife Nancy have been serving at PC3 for 3.5 years. Together they lead a married couples small group and serve on the Sunday host team. Most recognizably, JJ is the 6’9″ drummer in the PC3 band.

We are so thankful to have JJ on staff! We know he will add a lot to our ministry and not to mention the average height of our team!

Overflow Spotlight- Sierra Barnes

4 Sierra Barnes

Everyone welcome Sierra Barnes to the #OVFspotlight!

Sierra is a graduate from Cape Fear & UNCW. While she was in school, she helped us start the Overflow Campus Org! As a post-grad, Sierra now serves on the Overflow Leadership Team.

“I can vividly remember my first night at Overflow. I wanted to meet people right away but I felt a little overwhelmed. Serving on the Leadership Team allows me to be that friendly, welcoming face to those who are new to Overflow, to help those who are ready to take their next steps, or to be available for students who want someone to pray with. God used Overflow to greatly impact my walk with God and provided me with life-long friendships through getting involved with the ministry. I want others to experience that as well!”

Thank you Sierra for the huge impact you have made at Overflow!

(Fun fact: Sierra met her husband on an Overflow mission trip her freshman year!)

Overflow Spotlight- Shelby Goione

Shelby GoioneEveryone welcome Shelby Goione to the #OVFspotlight!

Shelby is an art major at CFCC who has a knack for using her creative skills in a unique way that are both encouraging and inspiring. Shelby has helped us do some cool projects around Overflow this semester and has been an awesome member of our Production team for the past year and a half.

“I was definitely nervous at first, but I felt lead to start serving at Overflow. I was excited to be a part of the team at PC3 that is making an incredible impact in Wilmington.

Honestly, I never thought Overflow would impact my life as much as it has. Overflow has become a home away from home to me. Not only does it continue to challenge me in my walk with God, but it helps me to grow deeper in my relationship with Him. I’m truly thankful to be apart of such a encouraging and motivating ministry.”

Thank you Shelby for sharing your gifts with us and allowing God to work in and through you in our church!