Kailyn Johnston’s Baptism Story

Baptisms are one of our favorite things we do at Overflow! We love hearing student’s stories to see how God has worked in their lives. We have talked the past few weeks about how God uses every circumstance for His glory and to draw us closer to Him. Because of this, we know that we are called into a story much bigger than our own, and that is the story of Jesus!

Check out Kailyn’s story above to hear how God has transformed her life!

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Thanks for sharing your story, Kailyn!

Overflow Spotlight- Kailyn Johnston


In honor of the OCO Fall Kickoff this Monday, we wanted to welcome Kaillyn Johnston to the #OVFspotlight!

Kailyn was raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Three years ago she transferred to UNCW from Belmont University and soon after found PC3 and Overflow. Despite being new to the area, Kailyn was determined to not just attend church events, but to get involved. She quickly got connected serving on the Host Team and the Overflow Campus Organization and distinguished herself as one of our “go-to” volunteers. Today, Kailyn now serves as the president of OCO.

We asked Kailyn a few questions about her involvement here at Overflow.

Tell us a little about yourself.

“I am a Social Work major at UNCW, but my heart is in ministry. I love people. I adore traveling and adventuring. Talk to me about Colorado, and we can be best friends because I am obsessed with my home state.”

Why did you decide to get involved at Overflow?

“From the first time I came to Overflow, I was so encouraged by the sense of community I felt. I wanted to become a part of it and provide that same welcome and encouragement for other people. Getting involved is also an amazing way to make friends, so meeting more people definitely played a huge role in why I wanted to get involved as well.”

 What is your favorite part of serving at Overflow?

“Seeing the way God works through relationships that are created in the simplest ways. It might be holding a door. It might be getting to know someone and encouraging them to come to OCO. I’ve found that God works through even the tiniest interactions, and I am amazed at the way God weaves all of our lives together for His glory.”

 What is your favorite thing about Overflow?

“DA COMMUNITY. Hands down. Everyone is awesome and loving. Nuff said.”

How has Overflow impacted your life?

“Gosh, how has it not impacted my life? Overflow finally gave me traction in my walk. It has challenged me and given me a community that holds me accountable and encourages me to grow. More than anything, Overflow has taught me how to be vulnerable and what it looks like to truly be open to God.”

Thank you Kailyn for all that you do for Overflow! You make this ministry, and every person around you, better!

Don’t forget to check out the OCO Fall Kickoff this Monday, August 31st, at 5:00PM in the Long Leaf Pine Room of the Fisher Student Union. All students are welcome!

Overflow Seniors 2015

We have had the pleasure of doing ministry with some incredible people over the past 4 years. In honor of some of these students graduating today, we wanted to share a video that we showed on Senior Night at Overflow. Check out the video above to hear some amazing advice and wisdom that these seniors have to offer you!

. . .


Also, we couldn’t send these seniors off properly if we didn’t have a little fun… Check out some of the outtakes from out time together, in the video below. Enjoy!


We love you, class of 2015!

Alexus McGriff’s Baptism Story

Baptisms are one of our favorite things we do at Overflow! To hear how God has worked in a person’s life, bringing them to new life in Christ is always incredible and impactful.

Alexus’ baptism was no exception. Check out her story above to hear how God brought her to this point of publicly confessing her faith in Christ and her decision to commit her life to Him!


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Thanks for sharing your story, Alexus!

Overflow Spotlight- Blake Sheltra


Blake SheltraIn honor of Senior Night this coming Tuesday (April 28th) at Overflow, we wanted to welcome Blake Sheltra to the #OVFspotlight!

Blake is a senior at UNCW studying Recreation and Tourism Management. He is also one of awesome men’s small group leaders and has served as the president of the Overflow Campus Organization for two years!

We asked Blake a few questions about his involvement here:

How did you first get involved with serving at Overflow?

“I checked out OCO because a few of my friends invited me to a meeting. I quickly bought in to the mission behind OCO and knew that I wanted to be more involved in it.

I decided to lead a small group because I joined one my freshman year of college and it introduced me to a lot of my really good friends today. I knew that I wanted to minister to guys through their college years so it was the perfect opportunity for me to really give back to a ministry that has done so much for me.”

What is your favorite part of leading and serving through Overflow?

“I love serving at Overflow because I am very passionate about investing in relationships with people. Being a part of an organization like OCO really allows me to meet individuals whom I may have never had the chance to meet and therefore helps me create and grow in new friendships. Leading a group of incredible guys in a small group also gives me the opportunity to invest more intentionally in some guys just a bit younger than me and to share me experiences with the hope that they can learn something they otherwise wouldn’t.”

How has serving through Overflow impacted you?

“Serving with Overflow has helped to show me what it means to fully commit to a ministry and become a part of the mission at hand. Overflow’s mission is to “reach college students and help them walk with God.” I used to look at that and believe that I was one of the students that the staff and worships leaders were reaching and helping to grow. But through my time serving at this ministry, I learned that as a part of Overflow, I should be looking to carry out that mission as well. I learned that the ministry staff does not have all of the responsibility- I am called to be a part of that mission and reach students as well!”

Thank you for taking ownership in this ministry, Blake! We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Overflow Spotlight- Tyler Speck

Tyler Speck

Everyone welcome Tyler Speck to the #OVFspotlight!

Tyler transferred from the University of Alabama after his freshman year. He is now a junior at UNCW pursuing a degree in Human Resources. Tyler found Overflow and pretty quickly started to get involved. Two years later, Tyler is one of our key volunteers and one of our awesome men’s small group leaders!

We asked Tyler a few questions about his involvement here:

Why did you decide to get involved at Overflow?

“Overflow has really impacted me and my walk with the Lord. I felt that God wanted to use me to pour into others alongside this ministry that is changing lives.”

What is your favorite part of leading a Small Group?

“Whether it be through small group or through the worship and messages at Overflow every week, it has been amazing to see individuals grow in their walk with the Lord.

 There are so many opportunities to grow and get involved in Overflow than just Tuesday night services- whether that’s joining a small group, the Overflow Leadership Journey, the Overflow Campus Organization, etc.. Overflow can extend far beyond Tuesday nights if you let it!”

How has Overflow impacted your life?

“Through Overflow, the people involved, and serving in this ministry, God has completely redirected my life to be about all Him- not just an accessory. I have also gained an incredible community of friends because of Overflow, and we constantly encourage each other and push each other in our walks.

Getting involved at Overflow is a great way to excel in your walk and to pour into others. You don’t have to have a strong walk to get involved, but by doing so, your walk will be strengthened more than you can imagine!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Tyler. Thank you for making an investment in Overflow and your peers!

Alli Hall’s Baptism Story

This past Tuesday, we got to celebrate the baptism story of one of our incredible students and volunteers at Overflow. Check out Alli’s story below!

OVF APR 7-3 OVF APR 7-4 OVF APR 7-6 OVF APR 7-8 OVF APR 7-9Thanks for sharing your story, Alli!

Serve Day Recap!

Overflow’s first ever Serve Day was this past Saturday and it was a huge success!

From the Overflow Staff, we want to say THANK YOU for helping to make it all happen! In the end we had around 170 students serving our city with 9 different organizations at 11 different locations. Your commitment to serve really did make an impact on this city!

The goal of Serve Day wasn’t to just get you to serve one day, but to encourage, educate, and inspire you to serve every day! You can serve others right around you, and those just down the road. The organizations we served with on Saturday have plenty of opportunities for you to serve and would LOVE to have you back. Just check out their websites to find out more information.

We think Serve Day was awesome, but we’d really love to hear from you!

Click here to share your perspective on Serve Day! Tell us about your experience, what you learned from the opportunity and what difference it made in you!

Check out a few pictures of our students in action below:

image copy image_1 copy image_1 image_2 copy image_2 image_3image_3 copyPhoto Mar 28, 5 18 07 PMPhoto Mar 28, 5 18 15 PMPhoto Mar 28, 5 18 30 PMPhoto Mar 31, 4 48 29 PMPhoto Mar 31, 4 48 44 PMPhoto Mar 31, 4 48 59 PM


We love you all! Thanks again for all your help!

-The Overflow Staff

Overflow Serve Day- Sign Ups!

Serve Day projects need YOU!

We are only a few days away from Overflow’s first ever Serve Day! We are so excited to make a difference in this city that we call home. If you missed out on signing up for one of our #OVFserveday projects on Tuesday, it’s not too late!

Below is a list of all 11 serving opportunities that we get the chance to participate in this Saturday, March 28th! Once you are familiar with the different opportunities just click link at the bottom of the page to tell us that you want to serve with us.

A Safe Place – Distributing information on human trafficking awareness and help for victims of trafficking to businesses up Hwy 17. [9:00 AM – 3:00 PM]

Habitat for Humanity – Help dig the footings for a new Habitat home build! [7:45 AM – 3:00 PM]

Habitat ReStore – Help run the Habitat Restore by running the register, helping customers in the store, or sorting through stock. [FULL]

Harrelson Center – Work on needed maintenance and beautification of this center for local non-profit organizations. [9:00 AM – 3:00 PM]

Good Shepherd – Help put on a fundraiser for the organization to raise money to care for the homeless of our city. [FULL]

Nourish NC – Work in the warehouse for this non-profit that provides meals for hungry children in Wilmington. [FULL]

Saturday Meals – Bake cookies, serve a meal, and do crafts or games with kids who come for a needed meal. [FULL]

Meals on Wheels – Deliver meals and visit with elderly people in Wilmington who are unable to get out of their homes. [FULL]

Vigilant Hope – Work in an urban garden that produces food for those in need. [FULL]

Vigilant Hope – Serve breakfast to those in need of a meal in downtown Wilmington. [FULL]

WARM – Paint the exterior trim of a home in downtown for a family in need. [FULL]

Sign up to serve here!

Overflow Spotlight- Whitty Stephens

Whitty StephensEveryone welcome Whitty Stephens to the #OVFspotlight! Whitty is a senior at UNCW studying Finance and Accounting. But you might recognize him as one of our awesome Host Team members holding a door and greeting everyone to Overflow on a Tuesday night!

“I always felt like I should get involved in church, but told myself I didn’t have time. However @mikeashcraft spoke one Sunday about a huge aspect of walking with God which is being active in service. So I decided to take the next step in my faith, and volunteer at Overflow.

Through attending and serving at Overflow, I have been able to make many great friendships that have encouraged me and challenged my walk with God.”

Thank you Whitty for sharing and for being a HUGE part of Overflow!