Devin’s Baptism Story

This past semester, we got to celebrate Devin’s baptism!

When she told us her story, she said, “I struggled with not feeling good enough… I didn’t feel full and I felt a void in my life so I was just going through the motions.”

Many of us struggle to feel like we have to be perfect for the people in our lives- especially our family, friends. We hope you can take a moment to listen to Devin’s story of finding fullness in the Lord and learning to trust Him.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Devin! We are so glad God brought you to Wilmington and to Overflow!

Devin's Baptism-1 Devin's Baptism-3 Devin's Baptism-5 Devin's Baptism-6 Devin's Baptism-7 Devin's Baptism-9 Devin's Baptism-12 Devin's Baptism-13 Devin's Baptism-15


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