Julianne’s Baptism Story

A few weeks away we got to celebrate Julianne’s baptism!

“In times when I think about my Dad, I think of what God promises me and the truth that He gives me- that regardless of whether I have a dad on earth I still have a Heavenly Father. Ever since my dad passed away there has always been a season or a storm… it’s never really calmed down since then. But I’ve really found that God is the calm in my storm.”

“I was searching-  I was looking for something to take the pain. God saved me… He gave me the strength to pursue. I was looking for my belonging elsewhere. It wasn’t this year until I got plugged into Overflow… that I found my true belonging and my identity in Christ. ”

Thank you for sharing your story with us Julianne and for being an awesome part of this ministry!

Check out her story above.

JulianneJulianne-2 Julianne-3 Julianne-4 Julianne-5 Julianne-6


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