Kendall’s Baptism Story

This past semester, we got to celebrate Kendall’s baptism!

“Anxiety has always been present. I can never shut my mind off. But God has given me freedom from anxiety in my life… God is always present. Knowing that I don’t have to take on this world alone and knowing that He already overcame this world: God saved me from myself and gave me the greatest gift of all which is grace- and with that come the ability to myself grace but to give grace to others.”

A lot of us struggle with anxiety but Kendall’s testimony reminds us that we can find freedom in Christ! Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kendall! We pray that God continues to allow you to be a light and an example to others.
Kendall's Baptism-1 Kendall's Baptism-2 Kendall's Baptism-3 Kendall's Baptism-4 Kendall's Baptism-5 Kendall's Baptism-6 Kendall's Baptism-7 Kendall's Baptism-8


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