Overflow Spotlight- Blake Sheltra


Blake SheltraIn honor of Senior Night this coming Tuesday (April 28th) at Overflow, we wanted to welcome Blake Sheltra to the #OVFspotlight!

Blake is a senior at UNCW studying Recreation and Tourism Management. He is also one of awesome men’s small group leaders and has served as the president of the Overflow Campus Organization for two years!

We asked Blake a few questions about his involvement here:

How did you first get involved with serving at Overflow?

“I checked out OCO because a few of my friends invited me to a meeting. I quickly bought in to the mission behind OCO and knew that I wanted to be more involved in it.

I decided to lead a small group because I joined one my freshman year of college and it introduced me to a lot of my really good friends today. I knew that I wanted to minister to guys through their college years so it was the perfect opportunity for me to really give back to a ministry that has done so much for me.”

What is your favorite part of leading and serving through Overflow?

“I love serving at Overflow because I am very passionate about investing in relationships with people. Being a part of an organization like OCO really allows me to meet individuals whom I may have never had the chance to meet and therefore helps me create and grow in new friendships. Leading a group of incredible guys in a small group also gives me the opportunity to invest more intentionally in some guys just a bit younger than me and to share me experiences with the hope that they can learn something they otherwise wouldn’t.”

How has serving through Overflow impacted you?

“Serving with Overflow has helped to show me what it means to fully commit to a ministry and become a part of the mission at hand. Overflow’s mission is to “reach college students and help them walk with God.” I used to look at that and believe that I was one of the students that the staff and worships leaders were reaching and helping to grow. But through my time serving at this ministry, I learned that as a part of Overflow, I should be looking to carry out that mission as well. I learned that the ministry staff does not have all of the responsibility- I am called to be a part of that mission and reach students as well!”

Thank you for taking ownership in this ministry, Blake! We couldn’t do what we do without you!

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