Overflow Spotlight- Sierra Barnes

4 Sierra Barnes

Everyone welcome Sierra Barnes to the #OVFspotlight!

Sierra is a graduate from Cape Fear & UNCW. While she was in school, she helped us start the Overflow Campus Org! As a post-grad, Sierra now serves on the Overflow Leadership Team.

“I can vividly remember my first night at Overflow. I wanted to meet people right away but I felt a little overwhelmed. Serving on the Leadership Team allows me to be that friendly, welcoming face to those who are new to Overflow, to help those who are ready to take their next steps, or to be available for students who want someone to pray with. God used Overflow to greatly impact my walk with God and provided me with life-long friendships through getting involved with the ministry. I want others to experience that as well!”

Thank you Sierra for the huge impact you have made at Overflow!

(Fun fact: Sierra met her husband on an Overflow mission trip her freshman year!)

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