Overflow Spotlight- Tyler Speck

Tyler Speck

Everyone welcome Tyler Speck to the #OVFspotlight!

Tyler transferred from the University of Alabama after his freshman year. He is now a junior at UNCW pursuing a degree in Human Resources. Tyler found Overflow and pretty quickly started to get involved. Two years later, Tyler is one of our key volunteers and one of our awesome men’s small group leaders!

We asked Tyler a few questions about his involvement here:

Why did you decide to get involved at Overflow?

“Overflow has really impacted me and my walk with the Lord. I felt that God wanted to use me to pour into others alongside this ministry that is changing lives.”

What is your favorite part of leading a Small Group?

“Whether it be through small group or through the worship and messages at Overflow every week, it has been amazing to see individuals grow in their walk with the Lord.

 There are so many opportunities to grow and get involved in Overflow than just Tuesday night services- whether that’s joining a small group, the Overflow Leadership Journey, the Overflow Campus Organization, etc.. Overflow can extend far beyond Tuesday nights if you let it!”

How has Overflow impacted your life?

“Through Overflow, the people involved, and serving in this ministry, God has completely redirected my life to be about all Him- not just an accessory. I have also gained an incredible community of friends because of Overflow, and we constantly encourage each other and push each other in our walks.

Getting involved at Overflow is a great way to excel in your walk and to pour into others. You don’t have to have a strong walk to get involved, but by doing so, your walk will be strengthened more than you can imagine!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Tyler. Thank you for making an investment in Overflow and your peers!

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