Serve Day Recap!

Overflow’s first ever Serve Day was this past Saturday and it was a huge success!

From the Overflow Staff, we want to say THANK YOU for helping to make it all happen! In the end we had around 170 students serving our city with 9 different organizations at 11 different locations. Your commitment to serve really did make an impact on this city!

The goal of Serve Day wasn’t to just get you to serve one day, but to encourage, educate, and inspire you to serve every day! You can serve others right around you, and those just down the road. The organizations we served with on Saturday have plenty of opportunities for you to serve and would LOVE to have you back. Just check out their websites to find out more information.

We think Serve Day was awesome, but we’d really love to hear from you!

Click here to share your perspective on Serve Day! Tell us about your experience, what you learned from the opportunity and what difference it made in you!

Check out a few pictures of our students in action below:

image copy image_1 copy image_1 image_2 copy image_2 image_3image_3 copyPhoto Mar 28, 5 18 07 PMPhoto Mar 28, 5 18 15 PMPhoto Mar 28, 5 18 30 PMPhoto Mar 31, 4 48 29 PMPhoto Mar 31, 4 48 44 PMPhoto Mar 31, 4 48 59 PM


We love you all! Thanks again for all your help!

-The Overflow Staff

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