Start 2016 Off Strong

So here we are in 2016! A new year with new possibilities! It’s kind of exhilarating isn’t it?

For most of us we a look at 2016 with hope for a better year. For you maybe 2015 was filled with disappointments, or maybe it was full of mistakes, or maybe it was just dotted with missed opportunities. However you might describe 2015, we all look forward to this year being better in some way. In fact everything inside of us screams it can and should be better. Our culture around us promises that if we just try harder we can make it better. So we make a resolution. We tell ourselves that we will work harder at this, or stop doing as much of that, or start doing whatever it might be. Then we grit our teeth and try to follow through.

Some of us make it months with our New Year’s resolutions in tact. Some just a few days. When we fail to keep them we feel disappointed, or frustrated, or like we really can’t do anything to change. But what if God has more in store for you in 2016?  What if He wants to see you not just have a better year, but to see you grow more closely into the person He created you to be all along? What if He has real power to bring about change in your life?

We believe He does! And we want to help you step into the change God has for you this year. You see real, lasting change is always a process. And one way that we try to engage in that process is through My One Word. This isn’t a magic tool to make 2016 better, but a lens through which you can see what God wants to do in you this year. We invite you to join us in picking One Word and watching God change you from the inside out! Here’s how to start the process:

  1. What kind of person do you hope to become this year?  Take some time with this first step. Write out your thoughts. Be specific. Don’t just think of how you want to be better than you are, but look deeper than that. Pray. Ask God who He might want you to become this year
  2. How would you describe a person like this?  Don’t just think about what a person like this does, but why they do it. Describe the character of a person like this.
  3. Pick your word!  Somewhere in this a word is probably standing out to you. Pick a word that means something to you, that helps sum up the person you want God to form you into this year. A word that you don’t mind look at and through for the next 12 months!

If you embrace this process, we know that you will see God do some amazing work in and through your life this year! For more information about My One Word or to share your One Word for 2016, check out!

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